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The Black Church Page

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Highlighting the Heart of the African American Community.


The Black Church

The Black church is truly the heart of the African-American community. In fact, you may say that it is the community. Throughout all of our struggles in American history, the Black church has been a constant in our evolution. It fed our hope during slavery and was our meeting place during the Civil Rights Movement. Through bombings and burnings, it stands strong, "steadfast and unmoveable." With the good news of Jesus Christ, it is a beacon of light that shines on all those who are broken, weary, and downtrodden.
It serves as the center of the African-American community's spiritual growth and time will prove that the Black church will be the center of the African-American community's economic growth as well. There is no greater or more powerful institution that exists today for any group of people than that of the Black church.



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